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corporate structure

Corporate History

LMR Drilling GmbH
was founded in 1989 as a German registered company for the construction technique called Horizontal Directional Drilling. The technique offered a new and environmental friendly method to the European market for the construction of pipelines beneath rivers, roads and railways.

Originally LMR was a daughter company of the shareholders Ludwig Freytag, Messrs. Land & Marine (UK) and Rohrbau Nord, resulting in the name LMR. Today LMR is a daughter company of Ludwig Freytag, a traditional construction company, which is already looking back in time, to more than 100 years of company history in Germany.

Even before the close of the 19th century, the founder of the company Ludwig Freytag showed great pioneering spirit with enterprise and innovative vision. By constant diversification in its corporate activities and the penetration of new markets, the Ludwig Freytag group has grown into a powerful modern enterprise. LMR Drilling GmbH is the first German specialist to apply the horizontal directional drilling construction method and in a short time has gained a world-wide reputation as being amongst the elite in their field.

The Company first gained experience with this technique in 1989 by executing several river crossings for the Oldenburg Authorities for Energy Supply. The crossings were installed using the LMR 250Te drilling rig.

Fast track familiarisation of the new technique was required by the staff, working personnel and the clients. Good working partnerships between all parties, together with the pioneering spirit and innovative initiative contributed to the successful completion of all projects.

In the period since these initial crossings more than 150 directional drilled crossings of varying lengths and diameters have been performed. From the start of 1991 LMR succeeded to win contracts all over West and Eastern Europe. A notable achievement during this period was the completion of the, first ever, directional drilling contract in Poland. The company then proceeded with a programme of business expansion and opened up branches in the Netherlands, Hatlingen (West Germany), Beelitz (East Germany) and most recently in the United Kingdom. Experienced and qualified personnel have been engaged to both guide and lay down the foundations for continued success.

The establishment of our UK office is an exciting development. As well as expanding into new areas, it brings to the company additional professional staff who have been in the forefront of HDD techniques since the eighties and who are committed to furthering the success which has already been achieved by LMR Drilling GmbH.

In addition to the construction of a variety of crossings by using the horizontal directional drilling technique, LMR is also engaged in engineering consultancy and provides advice and feasibility studies for potential projects.

As a daughter company of Ludwig Freytag, LMR is also able to offer turnkey solutions to pipeline crossing projects including all pipeline engineering, welding and construction work. Innovative working methods supported by fast and precise method statements, assist our highly qualified engineers in deciding the most efficient way to execute every project.

Referenced below are some of the most challenging projects completed by LMR.

1. Delmenhorst Motorway (Germany) Germany's first 48" gas pipeline installed by HDD in 15 days (580m long, 48" gas pipe and 2 number 4" steel cable ducts in the same hole).

2. Kuhnensammler/Kempten (Germany) Gravity sewer with a gradient of 4% in most adverse ground conditions (300m gravel, 500m hard rock, 150m boulder clay), 950m long, 16" polyethylene pipe.

3. Water Supply Project (The Netherlands) 13 consecutive drillings, including 5 parallel drillings of large diameters.

4. Fjord Crossing (Denmark) With 1328m longest continuous drill in Europe in marine environment.

LMR Drilling GmbH received the NO-DIG AWARD 1999 from The Netherlands Society for Trenchless Technology for the Water Supply Project (The Netherlands) named above, which highlights LMR as being both an efficient and professional drilling organisation.

To support further efforts of professional business a Quality System in compliance with DIN EN ISO 9001 was issued in 1997. A Health Security Environment Manual (HSE System) presenting the in-company management safety system for work safety incorporating all relevant health and environment aspects is also applicable for all work aspects.

Continual Professional Development is a key to being at the forefront of technology in all types of industry and awareness of all new construction rules, regulations and guidelines forms part of this development. To promote these key points the Drilling Contractors Association (DCA) was formed in Europe.

LMR GmbH was one of the founding members of the DCA (in Europe) Drilling Contractors Association and GSTT German Society of Trenchless Technology. Claus Schmidt, Director, was the first President of DCA Europe from 1994 - 1996. Furthermore, constant exchange of information and ideas with qualified suppliers of materials and equipment to the drilling industry intensifies the efforts of LMR to use the most efficient equipment and material relevant for every project requirement.

The record of experience proves LMR Drilling GmbH to be a competent and professional Drilling Company for crossings of maximum length and diameters with experience in crossings up to 1328m length and diameters up to 48".

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